Requirements: None
Level?: None
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Beginning the QuestEdit

Okay, to start this quest you must talk to Professor Chuckles(npc) in his lab, in the South East Corner of the map. He is down the hall. Talk to him and he will explain that the pokemon he was going to give you was misplaced and sold to the store.


The StoreEdit

You head on to the store in the South West of the map (next to an Arbok) and you talk to the Merchant. He says team rocket stole them and you must head again to the South East part of the map.

Team RocketEdit

Look for a Team Rocket member and talk to him. After that, talk to Professor Chuckles.


He will say to go to the store. Go there, talk to the Merchant, get Chuckles' Pokeballs, then go back to the Professor. He will give you your first Pokemon!

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